mom-after-smallerOn  May 23rd, my mother celebrated her ???th birthday.  It feels like yesterday when she called me to ask if I could stop by after work to confirm the lump she had found earlier.  It has been a little over a year now since I, along with my aunt, sat in an examination room with my mother to hear her doctor say, “…it’s cancer”.  My mother had breast cancer and at that moment, I realized what I’ve been saying most of my life, my mother is a very brave soul. She sat on the table, looked the doctor in his eyes and said, “ok, what’s next?”  After two surgeries, treatment and six months home from work, I am proud to say that my mother is doing exceptionally well.

My mother is a diligent person when it comes to her health. She schedules annual exams to include annual mammograms.  As a matter of fact, she had a negative mammogram four months prior to finding the lump.  This experience has changed me.  I am now an advocate for change in the breast cancer world.  I educate via a different medium…my camera.  I have  also joined a network of photographers who gift beauty sessions to women/men who are fighting or surviving breast cancer.  I hope to not only celebrate the beauty of our  participants but to also educate about the importance of self-examinations.  Every woman should perform self-examinations regardless of a good health report. Self-examinations are key to early detection and survival.

I am so blessed to have my mother here;  so to celebrate her cancer-free anniversary, I decided to glam her up and sit her in front of my camera.  What a wonderful time! I will cherish this for the rest of my life.  I reflected on a song from my childhood as I looked through the pictures from the shoot, “…God can do what no other power can do”. I thank Him for my mom and her continued good health.  She is my #1 girl and I love her dearly.


  • MUA: Aminah McKenzie
  • Photography  Stylist: Dawn Harper-Carroll
  • Photographer: Janice Smith, Inspired Canvas


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