As I sit here reflecting on my Thanksgiving holiday and the weekend, I am overcome with gratitude for my life. Sometimes we allow the small things in life to overshadow the things that really count.  And although we perceive our stressors we encounter on a daily basis as larger than life, they do not compare to the sheer beauty of being alive; to say hello to wonderful people we meet each day, to stand at the alter to say “I do”, to hold that baby for the very first time, to see your mom overcome breast cancer, to taste that lemon-filled Krispy Kreme donut :) and to spend time with the people we love the most.

I am very grateful and dare to complain.  The obstacles that are currently in my life are just stepping stones to a better me, a better life.  There are many who were unable to see Thanksgiving 2013 and many more whose eyes did not behold the beauty of this morning’s sun.  Let us all take the time to be thankful for what truly matters and reflect on how life would be without it.

Thank you God for life, salvation and my overflow of blessings.