2013 Reflection

I had my share of life’s ups and downs in 2013…if you know the song, you can finish the rest if you feel the same.  However, overall, God has been good to me.  2013 was spent working on professional development and personal projects to develop my art, paying it forward and developing my high school senior program.  Although, my focus is weddings, I have developed a love for working with young adults.  They are so alive and ambitious with big dreams I know will come to fruition.  I hope to share more of these shoots with you all soon. And Weddings…need I say more. I’m always honored to take part of the bride and groom’s special day!

I look forward to what God has for me and my business.  There are some interesting things happening in 2014 so please keep your eyes and ears open and stop by my website periodically.

In the meantime, take a walk down memory lane with me while enjoying my favorite 2013 photos.  Happy New Year Everyone!

project 2013